Time to Say Goodbye

Hi all,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who read and supported this social experiment.  I learned a great deal about myself, about the importance of nursing, and about how technology and the internet are both great opportunities and great equalizers for patients and healthcare.  All of this still excites me, but my skills in writing and available time that needs to be devoted to spreading the good news about nursing are quite limited.  I have met and worked with some amazing people simply through putting out words to issues that I believe are important to nursing.  What an honor this blog has been. Thank you for indulging my desire to work toward a better world of nursing and healthcare, despite my desperately lacking skills in writing and all too often off-the-cuff responses.

To the recent editorial board who has served, guided, and been willing I thank you.  To those nurses out there who continue to write and blog I salute you.  Keep up your fabulous work!

For now, Nurse Story is saying Goodbye.  The ride has been one of the best of my life.

Looking Forward,
Terri Schmitt

Editorial board chair, dreamer, idealist, … nurse