Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug is consists of different substances people use to take drugs by Inhaling it injecting into body or by smoking. When people take drugs its bring change physically and psychologically. This is the fastest growing issue in our society. Majority of the adults are taking drugs without knowing its consequences. The consequences may be very disasters.


Physical Consequences

Physical effects of drug addiction are mention below

  • Organ damage
  • Imbalancing of hormones
  • HIV
  • Hepatitis
  • Abdominal pains
  • Vomiting
  • Brain damage
  • Changes in sleeping patterns


Neurological Consequences

Drug abuse effects the brain and psychological system in below mention ways

  • Violent mood
  • Memory loss
  • Paranoia
  • Less confident
  • Lack of attention
  • Less social and moral values
  • No social activities


Schedule 1 drug

These type of drugs are illegal to use due to its high potential of use and these drugs have no medical use. These drugs includes methaqualone, peyote, Meth, Lsd, heroine.

Drug Addiction Treatment

There is no single or a magic treatment for a drug abuser to bring an instant change its take time and it’s depend on your commitment and willingness whether you want a addiction free life or want to live a miserable life. There are different steps you have to follow for a positive outcome.


Exercise is an effective way to battling with drug addiction. If you are willing to quit your addiction then it works like a treatment.Excerice is not only good for health but also good for mental health. People can do different exercises like swimming, cycling, running, weight lifting, and yoga. These things will help to heal your body and brain. You will become more determinant in your daily life. If you will put all your concentration towards a positive change then you will back to a healthy life.

Social Meetings and gatherings

Social life has its own importance in treatment of drug addiction. Being a drug abuser you have a unpleasant social life and activities which also led you to a dead end. IF you want to enjoy a pleasant life time start spending your time with family and friends. This will help you to relive your stress and your friend and family motivate you for a positive life style and also helps you to build a sober social network.

Personal control and cravings in check

Its take time to have a sober life. It’s the beginning of a recovery process that you have to control your thoughts during this time drug cravings may be intense but you can keep going your efforts by avoiding such people places and situation which triggers your urge to use. You have to s top meeting your those friends who are still taking drugs. Avoid bars, clubs,and party places where people use any kind of drug. You have to take precautions in taking prescription drugs which contains potential abusive substance and if necessary to use take extreme precautions.

Inpatient/outpatient/rehab centers/Sober houses/

If you are not able alone to deal with your addictions then these Inpatient, outpatient rehab centers, sober houses, is a very credible approach to overcome drug abuse. These facilities give you proper medical attention and care which helps you in every aspect of recovering. These facilities provide you a peaceful and positive environment to eliminate the negativity.


It is the essential part of the recovery process to prevent relapse. These programs provide you assistance in self help strategies to maintain sobriety and provides you

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